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The Invitation
Our Journey Begins...
During our mission trip here in October, 2000, Jose Manuel Carlos (a pastor and a former General Superintendent of the Assemblies of God of Argentina) asked us several times to return and plant a church in this great country. On our last Sunday in Argentina, Jose handed us an envelope with this letter inside....





The translation of Pastor Jose Carlos' Letter

Jesus the Hope Temple
Church affiliated to the Assembly of God Union,
Buenos Aires, Argentina

October 24, 2000

To the Canadian [& American] Church:

We would like to thank you as a church and as Argentineans, for the help that you provided to the Bradbury family so they could come to our country.

The music ministry of this family has impacted us; the classes for couples in Buenos Aires and in the city of Henderson have left a rich and practical teaching; and the message of the gospel of brother Raymond's ministry in churches, radio and TV, has been accompanied by the glorious endorsement of the Holy Spirit.  The eight visiting churches as well as the Rio de la Plata Biblical Institute have expressed what a blessing the ministry of the Bradbury family has been.

Beloved brothers of the Canadian churches:  we will never forget that Canadian missionaries Federico Clements and his wife - pioneers of the Gospel in Argentina - brought the Gospel to our country so that we could say today that our sins have been forgiven through our Lord Jesus Christ.

Today, 73 years later, we are blessed again by Canada through the Bradbury family.  We pray that God will speak to the Bradbury family and will send them to Argentina as missionaries.  Indubitably they will be a blessing.

We embrace you in the love of the One who will soon return.

Jose Manuel Carlos